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"I really appreciate the call I had with Coach Rocky. I don’t respond well to tough love coaching so when I thought she would really do some yelling I panicked but it was done so eloquently and it was exactly what I needed to hear. Take that as advice to not be scared to approach her with your business needs. When she says yelling she means she’s going to tell you the truth and make you question your whole life until she helps you realize the answers you have been looking for were inside of you the whole time. She validated my ideas and really showed me how much of an expert I really am. Her direction, wisdom, and strategy really proved that she seeks God first in all she does and I sincerely look forward to investing in her other programs." 


“I honestly was very hesitant about working with a coach that I found on social media but there was a connection I made with Coach Rocky from the strategy call we had together that I had with no one else. I decided to join her private coaching program and she was very honest in saying that the framework was revamped but the strategy was there. I trusted her from that moment because most coaches would say something different. In our first month together, I had a $3k month. This was the first month that I saw more than $500 for the year 2023. I had been struggling with my messaging, content, and building out my offers. In the first week, we clarified all that. In the second month, I made $10550. I cried literal tears. I had never made so much money before and I have consistently hit between $9k-$11k months which was my goal. This woman is a God send because not only will she give you a strategy, slide in your messenger to yell at you, but she will pray with you. I have since completed my time with her and now I am enrolled in her pocket coaching program. Whatever she has, run to sign up. She plays no games. Thank you for your guidance and commitment to your clients.” 

Coach Val - Momentum Monday