Are you ready to hit that live button with confidence?

Going live on social media can be scary. How many people will show up? How many people will interact? Do I even look okay? These are all the questions we ask ourselves as we challenge ourselves to go live and connect with our audience. 

This 14 Day Challenge will breakdown how to confidently show up on social media and use live to convert lookers to followers then to sales. 

Use the training videos and challenge outline to finally conquer your fears of going live on social media. Take the steps provided and show up! 


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I’m Coach Rocky a certified life and business coach. My area of focus is content and social media marketing strategy plus I love IG!  I teach coaches, consultants, and product based-businesses how to create content that converts to sales by using organic methods that’s true to them but includes some stretching in the process. When clarity, confidence, and consistency coexists in your content, you become a content conqueror! I have been coaching over 5+ years and I have a MBA in Marketing. My clients have affectionately gave me the title of “Queen of Clarity in 1 day or less.”

Fun fact: I have several businesses plus I have been featured on multiple podcasts, news articles, and tv shows! I am now co-instructor at a local community college.