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Conquer AI is an exclusive online training for coaches, consultants, and service providers ready to step up their content game and attract dream clients. 

Please be advised that the initial trainings are recordings, and the monthly workshops uploaded are new to the course each month. 

In this course, we’ll work together to:

  • Clearly define your target audience so you can speak directly to their needs, desires, and pain points
  • Craft a rock-solid content strategy that converts like crazy
  • Train ChatGPT and other writing tools to deliver authentic, strategic, on-brand content for you
  • Optimize every piece of content for search, social media, and conversions 

Soon, you’ll have a library of compelling content, created in a fraction of the time, that attracts your ideal clients like a magnet.

The days of wasting hours trying to come up with what to say next are over. No more posting content and wondering if anyone even saw it. 

It’s time to get strategic with your social media presence and start attracting clients you love working with.


Focuses on defining your ideal client avatar, identifying their pain points and desires, and crafting a positioning statement that speaks directly to them. You'll also learn to reframe messaging to empower your clients while still addressing their challenges. This clarity allows you to create content that resonates with your perfect-fit audience while training writing tools to write in your brand voice.


Focuses on conducting market research to gain insights into your ideal clients' deepest desires and fears. You'll craft social media posts addressing common objections and guide clients to take action. The module also covers finding AI tools to boost productivity and recommending resources like YouTube channels, books, and podcasts to build authority and engagement.


Teaches writing compelling emails like welcome messages and sales emails. It covers creating video scripts for social media and identifying content pillars and topics to share. The module focuses on planning content across platforms, establishing accountability measures, and outlining growth, sales, and hybrid content to move clients through the customer journey.


Teaches marketing frameworks to write high-converting social media copy. It covers analyzing platform analytics, engaging audiences through threads, and planning content calendars. The module focuses on creating physical products, collaborating with niche accounts, repurposing top-performing content, and writing captions that compel audiences to take action.


Teaches you how to use different AI tools to create physical products, digital products, plus more. You can customize this for your current business or you can start a side hustle. It unlocks after you finish the 4 weeks of content. 


Every month a new workshop will be uploaded to the course portal that teaches a new AI strategy to help you be more productive, effective, and efficient in your business.  


  • Conquer AI is for coaches, consultants, service providers, and creators.
  • Offer services starting at $2,000+.
  • Are ready to take their business and marketing to the next level.
  • Feel stuck attracting their ideal clients consistently.
  • Want to implement AI tools into their content strategy


  • Not for those looking for a passive experience.
  • For those who are looking for quick wins and not real strategies.
  • You are not ready to take action and implement what you learn to see results.

Investment $497 or $200 x 3 months

  • The Conquer AI Course: 4+ modules of training, daily prompts, worksheets, and more.
  • Conquer AI Private Community: Get support, network with like-minded pros, and find accountability partners in our private Facebook group.
  • New Workshops Each Month: I will upload a new workshop every month that focuses on AI tools.


  • How to nail down your core messaging so your content is focused and clear.
  • The step-by-step process for training ChatGPT and other writing tools to deliver content that sounds just like you.
  • Optimizing your content for search engines and social media algorithms.
  • Develop the skill to craft AI-generated content that feels personal and authentic, increasing engagement by up to 40%.
  • Cut content creation time in half while doubling output, freeing up to 5+ hours a week that can be redirected to other business areas.
  • Elevate brand presence and authority with strategically designed content, leading to a 40% growth in online following within three months.
  • How to structure posts, emails, and social captions for maximum engagement and conversions?
  • Tools for repurposing your best content across platforms. 
  • Mindset shifts and best practices for consistency and follow-through.

Disclaimer: Like anything in life, you will get out of this course what you put into it. We can promise that if you commit to the process and put in the work, you will see results. If you have any questions along the way, we are here to support you! We do not offer refunds for digital products due to the nature of the knowledge you will have access to. If you have any concerns, please contact us on Facebook or via email at [email protected] and we will be happy to address your concerns. 

$497.00 USD

Conquer AI Course Service Agreement


This Service Agreement ("Agreement") is made effective as of 11/8/2023 by and between JNREMU Business Solutions DBA Conquer Your Ish ("Service Provider") and [Party enrolling in the course] ("Client").


Services Provided 

Service Provider agrees to provide the following services (collectively, the "Services"): 

- Access to the self-paced Conquer AI online course, including 4+ training modules, worksheets, templates, and additional resources.

- Access to a private Facebook community for connecting with other participants.

- One new workshop uploaded monthly covering additional AI strategies. 

- Lifetime access to all course materials, including access to replays of past workshops and training sessions.

Service Provider retains the right to add, remove, or modify course modules and materials at its sole discretion.

Client Responsibilities

To receive the full benefit of the Services, Client agrees to:

- Devote the time and effort necessary to complete the course modules and implement learned strategies. 

- Engage actively in the course by completing worksheets, templates, and activities.

- Interact respectfully with the private Facebook community. 

- Promptly provide feedback on the course experience when requested by the Service Provider.

- Maintain internet access throughout the duration of the course to enable full participation.


The parties agree not to disclose each other's confidential information shared through the course, community, or otherwise exchanged. Confidential information includes but is not limited to business strategies, client details, and proprietary methodologies. 

Term and Termination

This Agreement shall commence on the effective date first written above and continue perpetually until terminated by either party in writing with 30 days' notice.

Upon termination, the Client shall lose access to the course, community, and all materials. No refunds will be provided.

Intellectual Property

All course content, materials, and methodologies included are the intellectual property of the Service Provider and may not be reproduced, distributed, or resold by the Client. 

Client grants Service Provider a non-exclusive license to use and publish their name, image, and testimonial given in relation to the course for marketing and promotional purposes.


Service Provider makes no guarantees of Client's ability to achieve any particular results by participating in the Conquer AI course. The client understands results depend on the consistent implementation of strategies taught.  

This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties. Modifications must be made in writing and signed by both parties. The Agreement is governed by the laws of Wyoming.

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